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Hidden Food Substances that Affect Weight Lose

In our endeavours to develop healthy eating habits many of us may be well aware of the need for a balanced diet; eating nutritious foods and generally avoiding fatty foods.   All this is great for an overall healthy diet.  However, food substances and additives tend to be overlooked and if taken to excesses can be detrimental to health and weight control.  The following are worth considering:

Salt:  Taken to excess, salt can cause blood pressure, increasing the likelihood of heart attack or stroke. Salt can also result in water retention.   Eating too much salt has been known to cause fatalities especially for young children.  The recommended adult quantity per day is no more than 6g.  Processed, tinned and take away foods for example, can contain high quantities of salt that one needs to be mindful of when considering daily intake of salt.
Sugar: A diet that is high in sugar can be as detrimental as that which is rich in fat; for in both cases the body stores the excess energy resulting in increase in weight.  Sugar is found naturally in fruit and in vegetables like carrots, peas and dairy products.  High concentration of sugar is also found in fruit juices and fizzy drinks.   It is advisable to eat the fruit rather than fruit juice whenever possible.  One needs to be aware of sugar content in foods and certainly to aim at reducing sugar in drinks like coffee and tea. 
Preservatives: Food preservatives are added to some foods to prolong life.    Most foods are preserved with salt, chemicals and vinegar.  While it can necessary and convenient to eat preserved food, it is certainly healthier to eat the food fresh. 
These are only three of food substances that may appear to be of no consequence but could prove detrimental to health taken to excesses over a prolonged period of time.  Actively reducing intake of these will be beneficial to weight control and healthy diet.