Overcome Habits Detrimental to Health

Habits Detrimental to Spirit, Soul and Body Health


It is advisable to examine one’s life and let go of bad habits before embracing positive ones when considering a more holistic lifestyle.  The following are some of the habits to avoid:-

Over-Indulgence in food and drink

Too much of anything is detrimental to health.  Gluttony of food and drink may lead to overweight and overworking of the liver and digestive system.  Systematic over-eating overtime is a major cause of obesity and a large percentage of overweight is due to over-indulgence in food and drink. Gluttony affects the spirit in a negative way and is regarded as a lack of self-control.

Poor Sleeping Patterns

Sleep deprivation leads to poor performance of the body system and affect mental capacity.  Continued poor sleeping may lead to chronic fatigue, affecting other areas of one’s life; it can lead to heart diseases and other health problems.  It is a major cause of accidents as it affects mental capacity and concentration.  A person is unable to perform to their optimum if there is sleep deprivation.


The number of people who have little or nothing to do is surprising.  Our bodies are designed to be activity and so a lack of activity will affect the normal function of the body.  Over a period this causes sluggishness and poor balance.  A lack of activity may cause depression and chronic fatigue.  Another negative effect is that energy not expended will be stored by the body as fat, resulting in weight gain.


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