Having gone through a roller coaster with weight issues from a young age, as a middle aged woman I know the frustration of losing weight, or should I say, weight gain, when it appears the slightest indulgence causes such a noticeable increase in weight.  Years on end have been spent trying all sorts of diets, exercises and other quick fixes.  I am delighted that this is a thing of the past and I am now able to enjoy food, do activities in the course of my day and maintain my ideal weight.

Weight lose and all matters related to a healthy lifestyle is a passion that I have.  My background qualification is in counselling and I have seen how matters of weight can lead people to desperation.  I hope to continue helping others towards achieving their ideal weight and live fuller lives.

This blog is intended to be a site for resources in health, weight lose, weight gain, control of weight, diet, exercise and all matters concerned with total health.  It takes a more holistic approach to health and we believe that spirit, body and soul all are interconnected.  If one is not in optimum condition the others are affected.

We are continually updating information and so we invite you to make regular visits for updates.


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