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Build Body Strength to Lose Weight

Strength or resistance training exercises are a sure and effective way to lose weight.  Not only do you lose the weight by burning the fat, but you also tighten and strengthen the muscles, shape up and improve the head to toe wellbeing of your body.  Here are some great points to remember that make it worthwhile to consider strength training in a weight lose programme:-

  • Aim to strength train all body muscles and not just the problem area.  Total wellbeing is best achieved by balancing your exercise regime to include the whole body and the benefits will be evident.
  •  Aim to have periods of rest during exercise to avoid fatigue or injury.  The body needs the periods of rest for it to realise the effects of the exercise.
  •  Be persistent. If possible draw up a training programme and aim to stick to it.
  •  Remember weight is often gained over a period of time and so it will take some time before results begin to show.  The temptation is to do too much and to expect immediate result, this will only result in frustration and demotivation.
  •  Have a goal on paper and in mind, then tailor your exercise regime towards that.  Be aware that different goals will necessitate different exercise regimes, for example if you want to lose body fat you would need a different training regime to muscle toning or a person wanting to maintain a certain body weight.

Remember that sensible eating, exercise and rest remain basic aspects of any successful weight lose programme.