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Lose Weight – Run!

A women’s fitness magazine Women’s Running brings to light the many benefits of running that most of us may have been aware of all along but chose not to acknowledge or simply ignore.  I am one of those people, who have been to the gym on and off, tried all sorts of keep trip regimes but never really considered running as an option.
As I read through this magazine, I became more aware of the benefits of running as a weight loss activity that if done consistently, the benefits are immense.  We are told you expend a good 10-15 calories a minute – by the average person’s standards that is a great deal.  I also read that your waistline gets trimmer and you loose body fat.
In this age of too many pressures, a good run enables you to unwind and relax.  I realise that running can be a great way to deal with a number of issues in our lives; loosing weight, flattening the tummy, toning up muscles, being more relaxed and above all it is a less expensive way of keeping fit and convenient too.  In terms of time management, I think I can squeeze in an early morning run, what a great way to start the day.