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Practical Ways to Lose Weight – Stay Active

Many of us think that they must go to the gym in order to stay physically fit.  They mourn that they do not have time to go to the gym or that they have not paid their gym fees for the month and so feel justified not doing anything.  Here are a few simple ways of staying fit in the course of your day that do not cost you but you definitely achieve results.  The activities do not need to be scheduled – by snatching a few minutes here and there throughout the day, you will be surprised at how many calories you burn.  You can time yourself if practical, you will soon realise that you can easily clock 30 minutes to 1 hour of calorie burning activity in a day.
1.    Be on the move!  Make a conscious effort to move various body muscles through the day, here are a few suggestions:-
–       If you are waiting for someone or to go somewhere, why not do a walk about in your lounge/kitchen or bedroom.
–       Go up and down the stairs several times for the fun of it.
–       Take a brisk walk to the local newsagent
–       Deliberately park the car further so you can walk the extra distance
–       Walk to a bus stop further or get off 1 stop before
–       Make an effort to do a few jogs on the passageway, walk up the stairs, avoid the lift.
2.    Stretch the muscles   Some of us do not remember when we did a good stretch. Learn to do stretch movements  whenever practical:
–       Sitting in a chair, sit upright and give your lungs a good stretch bytaking long,deep breaths in and out.
–       While sitting feet stretched in front, hold your ankles and give your back a good stretch, reaching as low down as possible with your forehead.
–       With your back against a wall, lift your knee and hold with both hands and pull towards your chest.  This is great for your bottom, and thigh muscles, repeat several times.
–       Draw circles with your face, clockwise and anticlockwise – great for the neck and face muscles.
3.    Do the twist  Have a good dance session movingyour hips, stand upright, then bending –good for hips and stomach muscles.
The trick is to stay active and burn the calories,  Next time we look at how one can eat
sensibly without dieting and reduce the calorie intake.  Meanwhile stay active.
It is advisable to seek medical opinion before embarking on any exercise.