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Loosing Weight Effortlessly

Goal setting creates commitment, helps give direction and puts your aim to loose weight into perspective.  It is helpful to keep a record of what you are doing.  Have definite daily actions towards weight loosing goal; are you controlling your diet, are you counting daily calorie intake, and are you keeping active?  Here are some more effortless ways towards your weight lose goal.

  • Each morning take a glass of warm water with lemon juice.  Lemon juice has a beneficial, cleansing effect on the digestive system and the Vitamin C is good for the skin.
  • Having a cereal at breakfast time gives bulk necessary for efficient digestion.  Choose the whole grain variety or oatmeal porridge and have it with skimmed milk.
  •   Have a glass of water before a main meal.  You will fill full and therefore likely to eat less. Water is great anytime as it has no calorific value.  See e-book 101 Tips to Lose Weight
  •   Consciously reduce quantity of each serving.  It may be helpful to use a smaller plate.  Reducing quantity has a direct effect, the less you take in the less is added to the body weight.
  •  Reduce sugar intake, this reduces unnecessary energy that is subsequently stored in the body if not used up. If you have been taking 2 teaspoons of sugar, aim to take one, then half.  In time you will be able to avoid sugar without difficulty.
  •   Reduce salt intake, this helps in lowering water retention.
  • Eat slowly; chew deliberately have a taste and feel of the food. During eating, put down your folk and knife and enjoy the food.
  • Stop eating before you are completely full as it takes the brain some time to register that there is enough food in the stomach.   In a moment you will feel comfortably full.
  • Avoid eating within three hours of bedtime.  Going to bed full reduces the efficiency of the digestive system.
  • Visualise loosing weight,  talk yourself thin!  Determine that you are loosing weight and see yourself thin.  Speak to yourself affirmations that you are achieving your desired weight.  See in your mind a thin you.  Having a positive belief that you can do it gives the correct mind set and attitude necessary for achieving your goal to loose weight.