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Getting More Practical – Activities Around the House to burn Calories

Many people find it difficult to set aside time for exercise.  There are however great fat burning exercises that you can do in the course of your daily routine around the house or at work that will enable you to burn fat; it need not be one continuous 30 minutes or 1 hour session, but a few minutes here and there will add up to a a sizeable number of calories burned.  Here are just a few examples, be creative to come up with many more suited to your situation.

Burn calories working in and around the house:

1.  When mixing, instead of using the electric mixer, why not do a vigorous hand exercise and bit that mixture with the spoon.  This is a good workout for the upper and forearm and shoulders.

2.  Hand-washing small items and then wringing them yourself gives your hands a good workout.

3.  Give the windows a vigorous clean. Wipe down the doors – the movements are great for stretching the underarms and back and sides.

4.  Give the rugs a good shake and the whole body shakes!

5.  Giving your kitchen a vigorous sweep and mop will clean off dirt and burn off calories.People working

6.  Run up the stairs at every excuse and see how many trips you make up and down the stairs.

7. Take time to handwash your car and see how many calories you burn with the various positions you take in the process…

8.  Take a shower instead of a bath, the standing position and the various washing acts are great exercise movements.

9. Tidying up cupboards, re-arranging furniture are all great workout activities

10.  Give your fridge and shelving a good scrub and the stove and all that shelving – by the time you are done you will feel you have done a bit of a workout.

Take housework as opportunity for a workout.  If you can invest in a pedometer, its great to give you an indication of the distance walked and calories burned.  Keep an activity schedule  and write down all the activities, you will be surprised at how much workout you have done without going to the gym or setting aside workout time.


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